Cleansing Balms: Why I Love Them & My Current Favourites

If there's one product I can't live without (and always have a huge back-up stash of,) then it's cleansing balms. Since discovering them I simply can't remove the day's dirt in any other way - they're simple to use, quick, effective and leave my skin feeling amazing. In the video below I explain a little more about why I love cleansing balms, how to use them and some of my current favourites. Are you a fan of the balms as much as me?

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A 'Wide Awake' Patch: Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra Gel Eye Masks

If Monday mornings leave you feeling like you've not slept since Friday, then you could benefit from a little helping hand. As soon as tiredness sets in, the first thing to feel dodgy is the eye area - it can become warm, achy and feel like it's a struggle to keep your eyelids from closing... And that's before the dark circles, drooping skin and dullness. I simply can't function properly when my eyes feel exhausted, struggling for the rest of the day until it's an appropriate time to take a nap. However, in the last couple of weeks I've been turning to these little eye masks from Elemis for a little morning boost. The Pro-Collagen Hydra Gel Eye Masks can be applied under the eye area and left to work for twenty minutes, not only helping you to feel more awake, but simultaneously reducing the appearance of fine lines and hydrating the delicate skin area. 



Emergency Care: Five Lip Balms For Really Dry Lips

There's nothing I hate more in life than incredibly dry lips (and I'm even including hayfever and hangovers.) I regularly suffer from horrendously uncomfortable lips for no apparent reason, them being zapped of moisture overnight and leaving me with a layer of crusty skin to contend with. Often they're so uncomfortable that I simply can't leave them 'naked', having to apply soothing balm every thirty minutes or so until they eventually learn to cope on their own. Although I have a tonne of different lip balms to choose from, many of them contain fragrances and ingredients that can irritate lips even more; you have to be incredibly careful and reach for something that will soothe your lips and help them recover, rather than making them even worse. With that in mind, here are the top five balms I turn to for a helping hand when I'm really in need.



Introducing #MyNy by DKNY Fragrance (Something You'll Be Lusting After)

New York is one of the most iconic cities in the world, bringing together an unparalleled diversity of the human form with one singular passion: life. It's the city that never sleeps, the city of dreams and the city artists and creatives flock to in order to live out their aspirations. DKNY has a love story with the city, using it as inspiration for their ever expanding collection of products - especially fragrances. The original DKNY Be Delicious has a firm place within my heart (read my story here,) as does New York itself; it's where I head to when I'm facing change in my life, or need a little focus, as it clears my mind and reminds me that anything is possible. DKNY are expanding their fragrance repertoire with a new addition that celebrates everything about the city that makes it so unique; 'MYNY' is a scent that celebrates the relationship everybody has with the streets of New York - whether or not that's a memory, a present day experience, a dream or even a movie.


Introducing Privet: London's Cutest New Salon (That's Like A Garden Shed)

As a busy blogger, vlogger, social media consultant and goodness knows what else, I don't often get an elongated moment to myself or a couple of hours for some 'me' time. Taking stock every couple of months and having an afternoon to relax is so important - no matter how much you think you'll be ok. I was lucky enough to get a chance to do this last week while being introduced to the cutest and most unique beauty salon in London's Notting Hill. Privet has only been open for a couple of months, but it's quite a sensation and popular already amongst the local celebs. The decor is incredible, having been modeled on an old-school gardening cabin; everything is kitted out like you should be off to plant some pansies, rather than get a manicure. I filmed this little video below to give you a quick tour and show off some of the fab features that had me instantly falling in love.



Why Lemon Water Changed My Life (And How It Could Help You Too)

I've never been a fan of water. The taste (or lack of) just felt so boring, so bland, so pointless that I always struggled to keep up with the recommendation of drinking at least eight glasses a day. A touch of squash or a little cordial would help, as would drinking herbal teas, but I always wanted to get to grips with drinking water in its purest form. A little tip I found while undergoing a bit of a detox, was to add a touch of lemon to water. Adding a slice or two not only makes it taste a lot nicer (aiding my ability to consume it in large amounts,) but provides a multitude of skincare and health benefits. A slice of lemon in hot water is a great way to start your day - not only because it aids digestion, but because it also has natural antibacterial properties. Here are five reasons why I love lemon water and why I now drink it like it's going out of fashion...


Baby Face Beauty Bar: A Donkey's Milk Face Cleanser!

Cleansing balms may be my favourite thing right now, filling up my bathroom shelf quicker than England got kicked out of the World Cup. (Sorry.) However, this little beauty bar of goodness may just be the thing to shake up my routine. Formulated with asses milk, soothing chamomile and sweet smelling marshmallow plant, Baby Face is a revolution in skincare - we're all so used to complex formulas, scientific ingredients and swanky packaging, that something so simple can often be overlooked. The brainchild of Kirstie Garrett, the product was developed after she stumbled upon a donkey farm in France after re-locating to the Basque area. After negotiating with the farmer and agreeing to 'sponsor' a donkey in return for a quantity of milk to experiment with, the Baby Face beauty bar was born. It's not only 100% natural and palm-oil free, but leaves skin feeling supple and bright after only one use.
A 100% natural creamy cleansing beauty bar made with protein-rich asses milk and soothing, conditioning ingredients; comes with its own face cloth. - See more at: http://www.myshowcase.com/shop/baby_face/Baby-Face-soap/BABY001-01#sthash.i2KNpqoY.dpuf



It's Genius! Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

For the fair skinned among us, tanning can be somewhat of a chore. Finding a product that's not only easy to use, affordable and leaves a streak-free finish is hard enough, but adding in colour considerations into the mix can limit options considerably. If you're a little scared of bronzers, facial tanners and strong pigments, then Clarins may have the answer in the form of a teeny tiny bottle of brilliance. Their new Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster makes creating a golden glow incredibly easy, as the booster can provide a made-to-measure and bespoke result.


YSL Touche Eclat: How Should You *Really* Be Using It?

It may be one of the world's best selling cosmetics and loved by makeup artists, celebrities, bloggers and my mates alike, but it's probably one of the most misunderstood and misused products of our times. I'm of course talking about the classic highlighting pen from YSL, Touche Eclat. If you've ever struggled with it, given up after a couple of uses or wondered what all the fuss was about, then you may just be using it wrong. Here's the lowdown on how you should really be using this fab little pen.

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TOWIE's Sam Faiers Launches Debut Fragrance (And Answers My Questions)

As TOWIE once again hits our screens, teeny tiny half-thongs and orange tans aplenty, it's definitely missing a certain character. Sam Faiers (or Samantha as she now prefers to be known,) has broken away for pastures new and is quite intent on setting up a business empire of her very own. Not content with a clothing line, a book deal and a stint on Celebrity Big Brother, Miss Faiers is now launching her debut scent. ‘La Bella’ is described as a 'sweet and sophisticated fragrance with an addictive mix of delicious vanilla as a top note, elegant iris flower and benzoin at the heart, with a bed of glamorous musk laced with a luscious caramel in the base notes.' You can definitely catch the vanilla and caramel notes, making it no doubt incredibly popular with her young fanbase. It reminds me somewhat of Kate Moss' vintage inspired fragrance of some years ago: generic enough to appeal to the masses with just a little something extra lingering in the base.


Brand Focus #23: Dr Organic

If you’re a fan of all-natural skincare, then you’re most likely aware of Dr Organic and their multi-award winning bioactive brand. Founded back in 2007, this British company harnesses the power and beautifying benefits of some of the very best natural ingredients available in order to create their results-driven products. So, whether utilising the soothing properties of organic aloe vera to calm sensitive skin, or the inherent moisturising benefits of organic manuka honey to quench dry skin’s thirst, Dr Organic draws upon a whole host of natural and organic ingredients - picked straight from Mother Nature’s back garden.



How To Understand The Ingredients On The Back Of Your Cosmetics Products

As we all become a bit more concerned about what we put on our skin, in our hair and on our bodies, understanding what makes up our favourite beauty products becomes even more of a priority. Ingredients labels on the reverse of products are there to provide clarity and transparency to the consumer, but they're actually incredibly confusing. Here are my top tips on getting to grips with what's in your shampoo/lipgloss/deodorant and actually understanding the ingredients list.


White Eye Pencils: Your New Makeup Best Friend

Waking up on a Monday morning still slightly hungover from the Saturday night before, you could be forgiven for swearing at the mirror when you spot your unsightly under-eye circles. Sallow and dark skin around the eyes is a clear indication of dehydration, lack of sleep and unfortunately ageing - we lose a lot of the elasticity around the eyes as we get older, leaving us looking knackered even when we're not. However, a little makeup artist trick that costs less than your morning coffee could be the saviour to your makeup worries. Investing in a little white, cream or delicate pink eye pencil or crayon could help to lift the eye area and brighten dull skin.



Amazing Cosmetics: Is This Really The Best Concealer In The World?

When a product claims to be 'the world's best concealer' it gives you pretty high hopes. When you start off with an incredible claim like that, you've got to be careful not to disappoint. Concealers have always been the one product I can't live without, covering my dark circles and imperfections to give me the skin confidence I need. I've always had at least five within my repertoire at any one time, but this launch from Amazing Cosmetics is definitely topping the scale of awesome performance. Available exclusively in Marks & Spencer beauty halls and in ten different shades, this is the first product from Amazing Cosmetics to hit UK shores. Although it doesn't look much, what's inside really is pretty wonderful - a thick and covering concealer that also adds a touch of radiance to skin, ensuring a light and non-cakey finish.



How Many Hairbrushes Do You Need?

Believe it or not, more than one. Brushes can be used in a multitude of ways for a multitude of purposes - everything from detangling, styling, backcombing and adding shine. I have quite a few in my collection that I wanted to share with you, so filmed a little video to explain more. You may be suprised to find out how many innovations and different types of brushes there are...

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Currently Loving: My Top Three Skincare Picks

As I start to get a little older and fine lines creep up on me, I've become much more concerned and aware of effective skincare. Gone are the days when I just slapped on a three quid moisturiser and that was that; now I have a full on routine that includes serums, moisturisers, treatments and night creams - as well as targeted products for specific problem areas. As you can imagine, I'm bombarded with skincare products that claim to change the world and give you the skin you've always dreamed of... But very few even come close to delivering. Every so often I take stock and decide which products I'm really loving and reaching for regularly, integrating them into my routine seamlessly without having to really think about it. Right now, these three products are the ones I'm truly loving and why.


Perfect For Summer Festivals: Label.M Hair Makeover Set

The festival season is well and truly upon us, bringing with it the need to wear ridiculous fashions paired with wellie boots in a way wed never dream of outside of a field. Part of the festival fun is wearing crazy makeup, sporting floral garlands and wearing fluorescent accessories, as well as adding a touch of colour to our hair. Label.M have captured the festival vibes with this little collection of coloured powder sprays, perfect for adding a touch of brightness when you're bopping away to Kings Of Leon. Unlike a lot of coloured hair sprays, these offer a really strong pigment and an easy to use nozzle - the product actually comes out at lightening speed to offer a little precision. This festival appropriate mini set includes blue, pink, purple and red colours in 50ml sizes that are also within security guard guidelines. (There's nothing worse than getting something awesome confiscated at the gate!)



NEW From Urban Decay: Delicious 'Flushed' Blush & Bronzer Palettes

It's not often I pretty much count down the days until a product launch, but Urban Decay teased me with their 'Flushed' blush and bronzer palettes some time ago... Only now have I been able to see them and play with the pigments myself, and boy was it worth the wait. Available in three subtly different colour combinations, each Flushed palette includes a bronzer, highlighter and blush colour - everything you need to create a healthy glow, perfectly contoured face and a touch of light on the skin. These little palettes make summer makeup easy peasy, providing three complementary shades that work well on practically any skintone.



NEW From Rituals: 'Indian Summer' Limited Edition Collection

Rituals are definitely one of the most understated beauty brands on the high street, often being overlooked for their subtle approach to body care and home fragrance. Although they may look beautiful and expensive, they're actually an incredibly affordable brand that has a great story behind it. New for the warmer months is their Indian Summer collection, all of which include the natural ingredients of White Lotus and Bergamot for a wonderfully fresh and uplifting fragrance. The collection includes a caring shower oil, shower foam, candle, shimmering body lotion and fragrance sticks, but these three products are definitely my pick of the bunch...


Currently Loving: Fragrance Rollerballs & Solid Scents

Our sense of smell is the most powerful of all our senses, instantly evoking emotions and transporting us back to times gone by. I've always had a passion for perfume, my collection continually evolving and expanding over the years to become somewhat of a library. I wear scent like I adorn accessories, using it to depict a mood or complement an outfit - two days are never the same. However, until recently I've never thought to take a perfume with me for spritz sessions throughout the day; I've always applied scent in the morning and hoped for the best. The recent trend for mini vials of fragrance, rollerballs and solid scents has made continual application a real possibility... You can simply pop a small fragrance in your handbag and add a touch of sophisticated scent as you would another layer of lipgloss. Here's why I'm currently loving this recently reinvigorated format, plus a couple of my favourites.



New From Makeup Revolution: Limited Edition Eye & Cheek Palettes

Affordable makeup is no longer something to keep hidden away in your makeup bag. Just as Primark has become cooler than Prada, makeup that costs as much as your morning coffee is definitely having a moment. Makeup Revolution have only been available for a couple of months, but already they're making waves and offering some great gems at bargain prices. Added to their ever expanding collection are these cute palettes, offering up to 18 different shades for the incredible price of £6.00 each. Although it's inside what counts, it doesn't hurt that these come packed in striking boxes that make each seem like a luxurious little treat.



A Budget Buy For A Fab Flutter: Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara

If you're after products that perform but don't cost the earth, then Seventeen Cosmetics are always my first port of call. Owned and developed by Boots (hence their exclusivity,) their very nature allows for a more effective and affordable option when compared to other high street brands. Boots have their own laboratories (as well as the benefit of not having to sell products on to another party which inflate price points for the customer,) making their own branded items incredibly popular - and for good reason. I've always been a fan of Seventeen, turning to them for all my basics as well as on-trend impulse buys, but their mascaras are pretty much second to none. I'm a bit of a mascara snob, loving my YSL, Guerlain and Bare Minerals numbers, but Seventeen is one of the few brands that gets frequently added to my collection. Their Doll'ed Up mascara has been a firm favourite for the last couple of years, but the newly re-formulated and re-launched Falsifeye HD Mascara may just be even better.


GUESS WHAT? London Beauty Queen Is Now On YouTube!

After four years of rambling in the form of words (and doing pretty well out of it,) I've finally decided to take the plunge and attempt to collect those rambles in visual form. YouTube and vlogging is such an incredibly large part of our modern world, allowing us to get closer to the people we follow and the brands we love, that it's become pretty much impossible for me not to 'put myself out there' in this way. Having dipped my toe in the waters before through collaborations with people like Pixiwoo, I finally feel comfortable enough (and motivated enough) to undertake an extension of my blog that puts my face at the forefront.



So Eco Makeup Brushes: Affordable Quality, Ethically Sourced

Having fantastic brushes to apply your makeup with not only helps make the process more pleasurable, but it helps to create a more flawless finish. I've recently started to experiment more with brushes, using different types and bristle lengths to see what result I can get on my skin, and So Eco are a new brand that have been helping me on that journey. Not to be confused with Eco Tools (although they do look and feel very similar,) they offer a range of makeup tools that are ethically sourced, cruelty free, fully bio-degradable and totally affordable.



The Lowdown On Cleansing Conditioners: Fab or Fad?

Since the dawn of the modern age, we've only ever used one model for cleaning our hair: the traditional 'lather, rinse, repeat' method that's more often than not followed by a rich conditioner. Although there was a surge in popularity of the 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioner combi products in the 80's and 90's, they were quickly replaced by more targeted haircare that ensured our locks were well looked after. For the first time in decades, however, all that we know about washing and conditioning our barnets is being challenged - thanks to the introduction and sudden popularity of co-washing and cleansing conditioners. So, what exactly are they and why should you be swapping your current favourites for something altogether more simple?


Sleek Blush By 3 Trio: A Bargain Buy (That's Also A Nars Dupe!)

Adding a touch of colour to cheeks can mean the difference between a flat complexion and a healthy glow. Dabbing on a delicate shade of coral during these transitional weeks can help boost your natural colour and add a dash of holiday health, without the need to dive straight into bronzer. I love coral blushers, reaching for them more often than a traditional peach shade because they appear much more natural and subtle on the skin. Getting a great shade that blends well, works with your natural skintone and lasts can be troublesome - which is why brands such as NARS do so well when it comes to shifting blushers. However, Sleek have managed to nail the coral trend in this trio blush palette for a much more affordable price of £9.99... Plus the quality is completely comparable to their more expensive counterparts.



A Firm Favourite: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Lip Crayons

When Clinique first launched their Chubby Sticks, little did we know how much of a makeup revolution they were creating. A few years later and every brand has their own version of chunky lip crayons, offering everything from a delicate tint in balm format to a full on powerful punch of colour. Although I love a shiny finish and a comfortable balm texture, I'm currently loving these Matte Balm ColourBurst crayons from Revlon. Their soft-touch exterior gives a hint of what's beneath the lid, which is a super soft and wearable lipstick with a touch of added moisture. Much more pigmented and colour rich than I anticipated, these handy crayons are great for adding a touch of colour to lips - especially when you're on the go. 


Dove Invisible Dry: Tested on 100 Colours (And It Works)

Unsightly deodorant marks on otherwise pristine clothing can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you've just tried something on and discarded it for a better option. White, crusty and yellowing marks are the stuff of nightmares, being somewhat embarrassing and causing us to keep our arms firmly by our sides. I've tried lots of deodorants before that claim to leave no marks, but even the best can leave a layer of creamy build-up on the surface of material that's hard to budge. Dove has been my deodorant brand of choice for as long as I can remember, it providing delicate care and intense protection while drying as quickly as I need it to. When they asked me to put their Invisible Dry deodorant to the test to see if it really could stand up to 100 different colours, I got my bright outfits at the ready and waited with baited breath to see the results.




Ageing is inevitable; it's one of the only things we can guarantee. Some people embrace the signs of ageing whilst other simply detest it, scouring the beauty aisles of department stores in the hunt for anything that claims to help. There are many theories about when we should start using products targeted at fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation - but it's safe to say that prevention is most definitely better than cure. Although it can be easy to put yourself in a category of 'I don't need that yet,' you may be surprised as to when you should start looking after your skin a little more. So, at what age should be seriously start considering using anti-ageing products?


One Trend, Three Ways: Textured Mosaic Nails

I can always tell when a new trend is going to be big... When three brands send me three different products, all clearly taking inspiration from the very same idea. Textured nails have been big news for some time now, with everything from leather effects to feathers and flowers being seen on the nails of the masses. Adding something a bit more wearable into the mix, Revlon, Seventeen and Ciate have all produced black and white mosaic style nails which provide a striking finish. The chunky pieces offer something speckled, without the addition of sparkly glitter; these are definitely a more sophisticated approach to nail art. All three look great when worn alone, but can equally be applied over a white or nude base coat for maximum effect, but which one comes out tops?



#NeutrogenaNourish: Top Tips on Staying Healthy, Inside & Out

As the seasons change and we start to put even more pressure on our bodies, it's more important than ever to stay healthy on the inside and out. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Body Moisturising range with Nordic Berry works with the body's natural processes to transform dry skin into soft, nourished and beautiful skin. Having been shown to enhance the skin’s hydration by 50%* and produce significant improvements after as little as 2 weeks**, the body moisturising products  can lead to a more beautiful and healthy-looking skin. This weekend I hosted a Twitter Party with Neutrogena and welcomed skincare and nutrition expert Ian Marber to answer burning questions on keeping us looking and feeling healthy, inside and out. The questions flooded in, illustrating how concerned and aware we're becoming about our health, and Ian was able to provide some fab answers. If you missed the party, or simply want to know all of the top tips in one place, here's a summary of all the great skincare and nutritional advice that was shared.


Invisibobble: Your New Hair Styling Best Friend (Plus WIN Your Own!)

Hair bands and elastics aren't the most glamorous or exciting beauty accessories, but they are essential. I spent most of my teenage years walking around with an array of tatty bands on my wrist, just in case I wanted to tie my hair back unexpectedly. Now my hair accessories form more of a structured approach to styling, helping to create looks and hold my locks in place all day long. Within my kit there's a little stash of invisibobble bands, the traceless hairband that provides a secure hold without pulling on hair and causing dreaded headaches. Their smooth surface ensures there's no tangling, as well as being water repellant and available in a multitude of colours.



The Cosmetics Fairy Challenge: How Much Swag Can You Nab For £10?

Although I carry a Mulberry bag and love a glass or two of champagne, there's nothing better than finding a bargain or getting a great deal. The little buzz and sense of satisfaction a fab buy can generate is second to none, which is why I've teamed up with discount beauty retailer Cosmetics Fairy to take part in a super thrifty challenge. They have an amazing array of cosmetics on offer from every brand imaginable, but they also offer a huge portfolio of products available for 99p or under. Including Bourjois, Maybelline, Essie, Revlon, NYC and Sally Hansen amongst others, you can grab an amazing bargain for as little as 25p. Pick up some nail polish, grab some lipgloss, stock up on false eyelashes, experiment with eyeshadow and much more... All for some incredible prices (and even with free delivery when you spend over £10.00) So with that in mind, Cosmetics Fairy challenged me to put together an impressive haul of products for only a tenner.


NEW From Marc Jacobs: 'Daisy Dream' (A Delight For The Senses)

It's hard to believe that Marc Jacobs released his iconic and original Daisy fragrance way back in 2007. In the seven years since, he's grown the range to include a portfolio of extensions and tweaks that have been just as successful. Not one to do anything half-hearted, each new addition has been more beautiful than the last - with the new Daisy Dream being both a feast for the eyes and the nose. Launching this summer (although you can grab it right now at World Duty Free a month before anywhere else,) Daisy Dream is packaged in the most deliciously inviting and extravagant bottle I've seen for some time. The classicly shaped bottle is adorned with delicate little daisy flowers, making it a perfect dressing table accompaniment that you'll want to show off. However, it's the scent that will leave your mouth watering and your credit card at the ready.  



My Showcase: A New At-Home Beauty Shopping Experience

Understanding skincare can be a struggle sometimes. Not all of us have the benefit of being exposed to hundreds of brands and thousands of products, becoming well informed and able to make decisions over which investments are right for our needs. Even when we buy a product there's no guarantee that we know how to use it effectively, ensuring we get the most out of every application. My Showcase is a new at-home beauty shopping experience that brings skincare and makeup into living rooms and offices across the country, taking the intimidation and confusion out of the buying process. You can plan a 'Skincare Shakeup' event, invite your friends over and get to grips with a great selection of brands that have been handpicked for their effectiveness. The aim is to get hands on with products, use them as they were intended and receive one-to-one feedback and advice from a trained My Showcase 'stylist'.



NEW Targeted & Affordable Hair Care: Dove Advanced Hair Series

The hair on your head never requires just one kind of care. Gone are the days when it was enough to cater for dry, coloured or oily barnets and keep women happy; we all abuse our hair through colouring, electrical styling and UV damage, while simultaneously struggling with frizzy or limp locks. With the changing nature of hair maintainance comes the challenge of developing products that meet our ever demanding and evolving needs. Dove are attempting to offer their customers exactly what they want, with their new three part 'Advanced Hair Series' regimen. Including Oxygen Moisture, Youthful Vitality and Pure Care Dry Oil, the three cateogies aim to combine multiple needs in formulas that really help hair to look and feel like you want it to. Oxygen Moisture contains conditioning ingredients to give fine, flat hair up to 95% more body and volume without weighing it down. Youthful Vitality provides ageing hair with deep replenishment for fuller, more youthful-looking hair, while Pure Care Dry Oil contains luxurious oils to leave dull, dry hair nourished, up to five times silkier, free-flowing with shine.



Vichy Dermablend 'Total Body Corrective Foundation'

Certain brands get the bloggersphere in somewhat of a tiz, and Vichy's Dermablend is no exception. Hailed as a miracle product that covers every imperfection imaginable, it's long been popular with those suffering from skin conditions and pigmentation issues. Although I have none of those things, I was still intrigued to find out what all the fuss was about and put the Total Body Corrective Foundation to the test. Designed to cover everything from scars, tattoos, stretch marks and varicose veins, the body foundation offers high coverage that's buildable and extremely long lasting. Although it's hard wearing, it's quite light to the touch and super easy to apply - ensuring it's easy to get great coverage and build up the base for a fab result. I've been using it on my face and it creates the most uniformed result I've ever experienced, providing the perfect base for makeup.



#NeutrogenaNourish: Join Me To Discuss Skin, Nutrition & Win Prizes!

The makers of Neutrogena believe beautiful skin always starts with healthy skin. Originally developed in 1930 with dermatologists for dry skin or spot-prone skins, the Neutrogena range offers gentle yet effective products.  The new Neutrogena Nourishing Body Moisturising range with Nordic Berry combines the moisturising expertise of the Norwegian Formula, with added Nordic Berry. Also known as cloud berry, Nordic Berry is a Scandinavian super fruit which can survive in extreme Arctic temperatures - making it extremely resilient. It's also known for its anti-oxidant qualities and is packed full of Vitamin C. The non-greasy lotions are formulated with generous amounts of glycerin, working with the body's natural processes to transform dry skin into soft, nourished and beautiful skin. Having been shown to enhance the skin’s hydration by 50%* and produce significant improvements after as little as 2 weeks, these body moisturising products can lead to a more beautiful and healthy-looking skin.


The Body Shop Honey Bronze: The Perfect Range For Pale Skins

As someone who has a skin tone that can only be described as 'transparent', I'm always on the hunt for products that will help me achieve a sunkissed glow without adding a touch of orange. It's incredibly difficult to find bronzers, tinted highlighters and tanning products that are subtle enough for pale skin tones - there's often a presumption that everyone wants to look like they've stepped off a Mediterranean beach. However, with the Honey Bronze range The Body Shop seem to have cornered a market that's crying out for something that works. Within the range there's a fabulous shimmering dry oil that adds not only hydration and a healthy glow, but a delicate hint of colour to limbs; it's not greasy and pleasurable to apply, leaving skin looking like you've spent the afternoon on the beach. Although it's a different texture to get used to, on a hot day it becomes a delightful ritual that will leave you looking, feeling and smelling great.



New Brand 'Essence' Launches In The UK (And It's Cheap As Chips!)

Makeup is supposed to be fun, affordable and encourage experimentation. It aids our self confidence and enables us to feel good, even when we wake up feeling like we need a three month holiday. Although we can all dream of a Chanel lipstick collection to rival Kiera Knightley, realistically premium purchases are rare and savoured. The UK is great for affordable makeup that doesn't scrimp on quality, but that portfolio is expanding even further with the launch of 'Essence'. Hailing from Germany and already one of the world's most popular beauty brands, Essence offers everything you can imagine and more - all at extremely affordable price points.



When Prescription Sunglasses Got Cool: Red or Dead For Specsavers

I've worn glasses since I was a teenager struggling to read the board during history class. Over the years I've proudly worn my bold and bright frames by day and by night, matching them with my outfits and ensuring they were as much an accessory as my shoes. However, prescription sunglasses have never been an option for me - I like to rock aviators, style out oversized designer numbers and adorn myself with brightly coloured wayfarers. During the summer months I mostly pop in my contacts and prance around in shades I've picked up on the high street, but after a recent trip to Specsavers all that has changed. These fabulous cats eye sunglasses are from Red or Dead and contain prescription lenses that will help me remain fully sighted and stylish all summer.


NEW From Benefit: Four Matchy-Matchy 'Benetint' Lipbalm Hydrators

Benefit's range of delicate lip and cheek stains are some of the most successful product launches of recent times. It all started with the cult red Benetint that I can remember buying as a student and being told it would revolutionise my makeup routine. It did. Ten years later and not only have they expanded the line to include three more lip and cheek stains (the pink-purple Lolli Tint, delicate pink Posie Tint and peachy Cha Cha Tint,) but they've also added a collection of complementary balm tints for lips to ensure every look is effortlessly beautiful.



Bargain Summer Buy: Malibu SPF30 Tropical Lip Balm Trio

Although we endeavour to protect our noses and shoulders when the sun comes out, one of the bodily parts often forgotten is our lips. Our pouts can become dry and damaged in hot weather, particularly as they take a large hit from the sunshine due to being so prominent on the face. Malibu offer a great range of affordable sunscreen products that smell of sunshine, but also have a range of lip balms that offer both UVA and UVB protection. This trio of lipbalms contains SPF30, as well as being extra resistant to sweat and water - great for when you're playing by the pool, taking a dip in the sea or simply sipping on a cocktail. The best bit though is that I picked up this trio of handy summer accompaniments for only £1.49!


The Overslept Makeup: Knackered To Knock-Out In Five Minutes!

It's half an hour after your alarm went off. You haven't had time to hop in the shower, you've sprayed a whole can of Batiste in your hair and wonder where on earth the time went. You've overslept again, and it doesn't make getting that perfect complexion any easier. It's times like these you need to turn to products that make the process simple and extremely quick... Here's how I turn things around in under five minutes, ensuring nobody ever knows my Monday morning madness.



OPI Bright Colour Booster: Using White To Enhance Your Polish Colour

Bright, bold and colourful nails are big news for summer. With neon and tropical shades being perfect for the forthcoming Brazillian football onslaught, and pastel hues being a more wearable alternative, there won't be a nude nail in sight. If you want your nail varnish to really pop, then a simple trick used by the professionals will help to bring out the pigment and make colour stronger. A white base helps create a great starting point for nail varnish, ensuring the colour is as strong as possible; it's like colouring pens on a fresh white notebook vs a tatty piece of yellow sugar paper... The white base will always provide the strongest colour result. OPI have launched their Natural Nail Base Coat 'Put A Coat On' Bright Colour Booster, which not only helps to neutralise any yellow tones or unsightly pigments that can cause the colour to be distorted, but it ensures a smooth and uniform base.

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