YSL Glossy Stain: Lipgloss With Punch

In my opinion, Yves Saint Laurent can do no wrong. Every new product that hits counters seems to be even better than the last, leaving little room for anyone else in the department store to grab wanting ladies attention. My latest discovery from YSL is their Glossy Stains - a mix between a lip stain, a lipgloss and a lipstick in one tube. Packaged in their delightfully extravagant gold bottles, this unusually textured gloss provides a subtle amount of buildable colour that actually stains the lips to leave the hue on for longer. The cooling sensation when applied makes these really pleasurable to wear, as well as super light and comfortable on the lips. The colour is quite sheer when first applied, but it's possible to apply more layers for a stronger result (without any weight on the lips.) Initially the result is quite glossy, but as the product is absorbed into the lips it leaves behind a subtle stain on the lip surface that doesn't dry your pout out. The Glossy Stains are perfect for use in the day if you want a subtle makeup look, but are equally fab for a night out when you want to be able to re-apply without caking your lips in chalky colour. Although these aren't cheap (£23.50 each) they are blooming brilliant - especially as I've never found a texture like it.

The Glossy Stains are available online and via YSL counters priced £23.50 each.


  1. Absolutely love the peach colour! Never tried the Ysl glossy stains yet. Might invest!!

    Brilliant post!

    Would love it if you could check out our blog!


    Louise xxxx

  2. I have three of these already, in a bright red, orange and pink. I loooove the formula and I definitely want to get some more neutral colours.

    1. I love the paler colours too. I need some more in my life!

  3. I'm with you the texture of these are amazing! I have two darker shades and find the wear of them are incredible and so damn comfortable for a long period of time. I love the look of 103 swatched so I may just add that too my want list :P

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. I've never had such a long-lasting yet comfortable product in my collection before. They're fab.

  4. I love the sound of these! A friend on mine has one and she wears it to death! Might have to invest when I get paid!


  5. I love these! I have it in fuchsia dore. Its perfect for a night out since it lasts for so long!


  6. Have tried these a couple of times but am yet to invest - really need to get one!

  7. I adore these lip stains, they really do last! Great post, love your blog



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