LBQ goes Gaga with Skype

Last Saturday night I was invited to Twickenham stadium to see the one and only Lady Gaga. Skype were kind enough to hook me up with tickets to the most anticipated show in town as they're working with Gaga to bring you all the action throughout her worldwide tour. At each of the stops they'll have reporters live from the blue carpet, as well as photobooths and even cameras for you to record a Skype message to Gaga herself. The show was incredible. Lady Gaga is well known for being a performer and an extrovert, but this was on another level completely from the moment she came out astride a giant horse. Costume changes were aplenty, with her iconic leather garments being well worn in every way imaginable. There were motorbikes that turned into pianos, a giant castle, girating in transparent bowls, alien invasions and much much more... Not one to disappoint, Gaga really did put on a stonking show while taking the time to chat to her fans in the Monster Pit. If anyone ever doubted Gaga was the new Queen of Pop then all they have to do is pop along and see her come alive on stage. She was just born that way, baby...

See all the Skype action on the Born This Way Ball site.


  1. Aw, jealous, I'd love to see Gaga live! Glad you had a good time though, and looks like you got an awesome view :) x

  2. Very jealous, is there much better than a night at Gaga?!xxxx


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