Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

If you think of face peels you probably imagine some horrific acid-based concoction that leaves your face looking like a fried tomato, not dissimilar to the episode of SATC where Samantha ends up with more than she bargained for in chemical peel form. Well this face mask-slash-peel is the complete opposite. This enzyme peel from Elemis has won more awards than I can count on my hands, been named the best beauty product by more magazines than I can name, and has even been listed as a cult beauty purchase. Why oh why had I never tried it then? To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the product, Elemis have launched this limited edition tropical package which makes it almost a collectable - surely a reason to give it a whirl?

The exfoliating cream (that doesn't actually contain exfoliating granules) contains nourishing Milk Protein, Anti-Oxidant-rich Vitamin E and Marine algae to moisturise, repair and protect the skin, while the natural fruit enzyme action of Papaya and Pineapple smooth, brighten and clarify the complexion. The formula is a relatively thick cream that, thanks to the fruity ingredients, smells amazingly of papaya and pineapple. You apply to the face using a small amount and distribute (about a 50p size is perfect) across the skin, leaving for 10-15mins for it to work its magic. It doesn't leave you with a tightening feeling, or really any kind of feeling other than a slight coolness, so you can comfortably get on with your chores and wait for the clock to tick. The formula doesn't dry out either, so it's easy to remove with a flannel and warm water to reveal bright and radiant skin.

Normally I like to feel a big difference in my skin after using a treatment, liking the way a clay mask or deep treatment makes my skin feel revitalised. However, this doesn't really give much of a revitalised feeling to skin at all - my complexion did look and feel more radiant, but it was a very subtle difference. My skin was smooth and when I tested on my arm it definitely removed all my fake tan, so I know it's doing something! I think the ingredients make this a great weekly boost to skin rather than a treatment that targets problems or brings solutions. You don't get to be a cult product for no reason, so perhaps this is something you learn to love over time? Have you used this? What do you think?

The peel is available for £28.60 online for a 50ml tube.

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