Competition: Pond's Festival Kits

It's pretty hard to believe, but we're well and truly into festival season. In a few weeks time I'll be donning my wellies, packing up my hygiene gel, buying a week's worth of pop tarts and trecking off to Reading Festival for the highlight of my year. Packing for a few days in a muddy field isn't the easiest of things to do, but with Pond's you've got multi-functional products that can help bring a little cleanliness to your experience. (Although they can't help with the portaloo situation.) The lovely people at Pond's have put together these super cute festival kits - they include their famous cold cream, which can be used as a makeup remover among other things, as well as an eye and dry skin cream. Not only that, they're also chucking in a pair of false lashes to keep your eyes looking fluttery-perfect, stylish tissues to put in your bag, a linen cloth to cleanse with and even a little exclusive kitsch bag to keep it all in. What more do you need for living it up in a field?

I have three of these fabulous sets to give away to some lucky readers, all together worth £40.00 each. If you want to be setting off to a sunny festival with the best prep-kit in town, then all you have to do is be a follower of LBQ via GFC, comment below leaving a valid Twitter handle or email and answer the following question: What's your ultimate festival must-have beauty product and why? I'll pick three winners at random and have you looking tip-top for The Foo Fighters in no time at all. Good luck!

T&Cs: Must be a follower via GFC to enter; Leave a valid email or Twitter handle so I can contact you; Winners will be picked at random and contacted using details provided; Winners addresses must be provided within 48hrs of being notified or alternative winners will be chosen; No alternative prize available; LBQ accepts no responsibility for delivery of prize/theft/damage or naughty postmen. Closing date is Friday 27th July 2012 at 11.59pm.


  1. Great guveaway! My ultimate festival product would have to be dry shampoo. There's nothing worse than having dirty hair and I love that I can get round it with a can of spray!



  2. My ultimate festival beauty must have is definitely lip balm - with the (hopefully) hot sun drying them out, I need to stop them cracking! x

  3. My GFC is beautybecca, Twitter: Beautybeccablog, Email: beautybecca@live.co.uk

    My festival must-have is Batiste Dry Shampoo, it's a life saver at festivals to keep my hair looking relatively good! I always take a travel size to keep my hair fresh throughout the day :D.

  4. Ooh these are great, I would love to enter please :D

    My absolute festival MUST has to be dry shampoo, can't do without it!


  5. Fab giveaway! My favourite festival must-have is Steamcream.. compact tin and great for body and face so a good handy all rounder!

    Following via GFC (KGJ_xx)
    @AFDBeauty - KGJ_xx@hotmail.com

  6. Great giveaway!
    Twitter: @sera_mcdaid


  7. Hey! I'm @christinaadores

    My ultimate festival essential has to be bronzer especially in this weather to give me a bit of a glow!


  8. It's got to be vaseline!

    Apart from the obvious use as a lipbalm it can be used as mascara, highlighter, moisturiser and even to prevent your flip flops from rubbing...amazing for such a little tin!

    Twitter @AliceRichardson

  9. I have to say dry shampoo because i cant go a day or two without washing my hair! zoe.12@hotmail.co.uk xx

  10. What a lovely giveaway - I adore Ponds Cold Cream!

    My festival beauty essential would have to be kirby grips! So useful for when your hair is in desperate need of a shower - twist, pin and your done!

    My twitter is @beautybeelondon


  11. i follow with gfc as mummy24. my ultimate must have would be lipbalm


  12. My ultimate festival product would be cute hair accessorize for putting up dirty hair and keeping it pretty at the same time!


  13. Dry Shampoo :)
    GFC Steph

  14. It would have to be Dry shampoo or Lip gloss. Can't stand having horrible hair and lip gloss to get my pout on xxx Following @nathalietaylor7

  15. good friends and some dry shampoo

  16. I was going to say Batiste, but since that kinda seems to be a pattern I'm gonna go for Vaseline instead - perfect for almost everything!!!!

    Thank you - great giveaway, and I am following via GFC as Rachel Collins xxxx

  17. Gotta be wet wipes!

    GFC = MindyandRoo
    Email = mindyandroo@googlemail.com

    Thank you! :D

  18. Batiste dry shampoo, amazing stuff!

    Following via GFC (Aimee Ryan)
    Twitter - @CaveBake

  19. Following with GFC as Maya Russell.
    Must have product is vaseline - nothing worse than dry, flaky lips.

  20. I am following you on GFC as Gillian Holmes

    gholmes724 ((at)) gmail ((d0t)) com


    must have product is loo rolls, things could get pretty ugly without it...

  21. All my needs have been mentioned before.Toilet paper,lots of it,Dry shampoo etc.
    Does anyone have a portable shower? or do we rely on the weather?

  22. Anonymous21.7.12

    Loo roll is essential - you can use it for the loo, to blow your nose or to help remove makeup if you run out of wipes.

    I follow on GFC - Hazel Rea

    @beachrambler on Twitter

  23. Sounds like an obvious one and I'm sure most people would say the same, but my favourite item is baby wipes, I took two massive packs to Glastonbury last year, they are so versatile!

    I follow on GFC!


  24. Festival must-have...hmm...I travel light - but I always have a tube of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - better than vaseline and useful for everything! :) x

    I follow on GFC & my email is spicyhotchickenwings@hotmail.com

  25. Followed. My essentials (cause I can't just have one) is 24hour antiperspirant, wet wipes, and mascara @cachexia1

  26. Ooh I'm going to Reading festival too, for the first time! I think my must-have beauty product has got to be a tinted moisturiser as it does two jobs meaning you save space! :) @RiaJenkins1 and riamj@live.co.uk xx

  27. My essential would be wet wipes.

    I follow on GFC as Nicky Hopkins


  28. Wellies, for me it's really important to have dry warm feet!

  29. It has to be Vaseline. A great lip balm, eyebrow tamer, glossy cheek highlighter and makes lashes look thicker. A real multi taker in a tiny pot.

  30. Rahela25.7.12

    Dry shampoo

  31. waterproof mascara, suncream and lip gloss

  32. Hazel Wright25.7.12

    For me the only thing I can't manage without would be the anti-bactieral wipes! Anything else is a bonus! They just sort out any grubby feelings until you can get a bucket of water ;-)

  33. wellies and a scrunchie

  34. Lip gloss Twitter ID @midsgurl

  35. Following your blog via GFC as Kasza
    It would have to be pocket sized tin of vaseline to keep my lips luscious and moist.

  36. It has to be dry shampoo a must have for fixing up my hair! @dazs_princess

  37. Following @lighterson

    I always take baby wipes they are good to keep everything clean.

  38. Has to be wipes-good for taking make up off, keeping fresh and clean and wiping grubby hands.


  39. Anonymous26.7.12

    Sunscreen cream - well one can live in hope

  40. Lovely giveaway:) Dry shampoo is my must-have because otherwise my hair would be a right mess!

  41. Forgot to add my email to my comment!

  42. Moisturiser - lots of it


  43. Rikka B26.7.12

    It would have to be Ponds Cold Cream, I use it for everything, cleansing, moisturising, as hand cream. Just love it.

  44. My Must Have is Baby Wipes - cleans a multitude of festival sins!!! - twitter = @articleguru999

  45. My festival must have is batiste dry shampoo.

    GFC Rubiah

  46. Dry shampoo - @sheridarby

  47. Wet wipes as they have so many uses.

  48. dry cshampoo is my must have item! You can't go without it!

  49. Following via GFC.

    Must-have festival beauty product definitely has to be Batiste Dry Shampoo. It's awful not being able to wash your hair, especially in a hot & sweaty atmosphere but this really does make a huge difference, plus it smells nice too!

    My Twitter ID is @lexiemac_89 :)

  50. Anti bacteria gel/wipes - great if you need to freshen up, cut your self & the most important to clean your hands etc once you have used those lovely festival public toilets!



  51. Got to be Wet Wipes & stacks of them!

  52. Ohh tough choice between dry shampoo and lip balm (I always feel really gross if my lips are cracked).

    Love Ponds cold cream, beauty classic in itself really.



  53. Anti bac hand gel


  54. anti bacterial gel


  55. Following via GFC as Piper and Daisy. Twitter name is @piperanddaisy.

    My festival beauty must have is my Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen Tint. I know it mostly rains during festival season but the minute the sun comes out I burn if I don't have any protection.
    I love this because it gives me UV protection when it's sunny and gives me a lovely glow when the sun hasn't got it's hat on.
    Funny you should mention the Foo's - they are the last band I went to see and they were amazing!

  56. Baby wipes, but i always have Batiste dry shampoo too


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