12 February 2012

Floral Flowers with 17 Cosmetics

Spring is nearly sprung (anyone else feel like we're back in December with all this snow?) so it's time to update our makeup bags accordingly. This cute little eyeshadow palette from 17 Cosmetics puts me right in the mood using hues of brown, cream and green. Usually Spring colours mean pinks, lilacs and blues so it's a refreshing change to see more wearable shades with a hint of colour coming through in this new collection. The palette design itself is adorable, featuring a raised rose design amongst green leaves that was almost mistaken for a bronzing product when I first opened it - until I realised green on your cheeks wouldn't be a good look.

I love what they've done with the design, making the palette unique and different from the usual square or circular eyeshadow packs. The only thing is though is that it becomes a challenge to keep the colours from blending in after a few uses, as well as making it fiddly to get into the corners with a brush if you want to use some of the smaller colours. The shades themselves are fab though - very wearable, pigmented and complimentary, as well as containing a slight shimmer. I'm loving the direction the brand is going in and can't wait to see future collections if this is anything to go by. 

Available in Boots now for £6.99


  1. I love the look of this, the design is really pretty!


  2. Hahah what are you talking about, green would look excellent on the cheeks! It is a really cute design though, also it looks like the colours have just the right amount of shimmer! :)


  3. That's a really lovely green - looks like this covers well too.

  4. I love it!! Its so pretty that I don't think I'd want to use it! lol Jen xx


  5. This is so beautiful! It's one if those products I wouldn't want to use for fear of spoiling the design. X

  6. This looks lovely, I love when highstreet brands come out with lovely looking products as it's quite a rarity x

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  8. Wow! This looks stunning, my make up box is looking so sorry for itself at the minute.. Any excuse for a shop is a good enough excuse for me, but this just looks like a must have x

  9. Wow! I would could never use a product like that, I would be just too scared to ruin it! But it looks really cool!


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