20 November 2011

Batiste goes WILD!

Every girl should have a can of dry shampoo close to hand, not only to banish oily roots and refresh dull hair, but to give a bit of oomph and styleability to even clean barnets. Batiste have released a new variant of their cult classic and this time it's gone wild. Literally. The new 'Wild' fragrance is described as 'sassy and daring' - the most non-descript fragrance description ever! The truth is that it's a refreshing, slightly sultry and musty fragrance that's definitely unisex. It's quite similar to the Batiste Brit scent, in that it smells like a perfume and can be worn be dudes or dudettes. All that and it comes in a sexy leopard print can that even has a claw mark on!

Available now prices around £2.79


  1. Bstiste xxl is my favourite... it is the best volumising product out at the moment.... and i've tried a lot :)

  2. LOVE the packaging. This is a must buy for me x x

  3. I love the new Batiste, it looks and smells gorge!

  4. I picked this up the other day and people keep saying my perfume's nice when it's only this!


  5. I love the xxl one, cant wait to try this one out.


  6. The smell is ace. That's the real winning point for me compared to others too... They smell so good you don't need perfume!


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