This Works Deep Sleep Body Therapy & Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

Struggling to relax, slip into slumber and get a good night's sleep is the problem of many. In today's fast paced world, the modern woman is constantly juggling ten things at once while keeping one eye on her smartphone. It's no wonder that sleep deprivation is prevalent and coffee shops are booming; we simply don't know how to switch off and recuperate after a long day. This Works are well known for their sleep aids and pillow sprays, but they've expanded on their range with the launch of two products that really do help get your mind into a state of relaxation and ready to slip between the sheets... And you need them both. 

The Battle Of The Eyeliners: The Best Products For Perfecting A 'Cat Flick'

I've become a little obsessed with the classic, elegant and slightly sassy 'cat flick' look that's become so popular with celebrities and bloggers alike. It's a great way of making yourself look 'made up' but not 'overdone' within only a few minutes. Keeping the rest of your look muted and understated is the key to success, as is a three stage approach to applying liner - starting from the middle to the outer edge, the inner edge to the middle and finally the flick to finish. However, half of the battle can be fought with a product that really aids application and makes the process as simple as possible. There are so many liquid eyeliner pens available it's hard to know where to turn, so I've been testing seven different ones to bring you the best products for the job.

Three Autumnal Lip Colours I'll Be Sporting This Season

All of a sudden I seem to have stocked up on snuggly scarves, turned the heating on and pulled the opaque tights out of the cupboard. Even though we're still pretty warm for this time of year, there's something about the nights drawing in and the grey skies that makes me want to welcome Autumn with open arms. We're all au fait with adjusting our wardrobes to suit a new season, but amending your portfolio of colour cosmetics will really help your makeup to work with the season's hues and tones - after all you wouldn't try to match a pastel pink pair of flip flops with a oversized grey jumper. Lipstick is a great way of updating your makeup look without needing to do much else; a slick of colour on a relatively muted base will instantly scream 'I'm so on-trend' and match your Autumnal wardrobe perfectly. Here are three shades I'll be using throughout the colder months.

Six Tips For Applying Mascara & Achieving The Perfect Flutter

A great mascara can mean the difference between looking like you've had a hard weekend and looking wide awake, ready to face the week ahead. Most of us aren't blessed with full and luscious lash lines, but we can fake it will all the great products available on the high street to help us along the way. Although there are some incredible mascaras out there that really do help to lengthen and create a powerful flutter, most of the result will depend on your application technique and ability to manipulate your lashes. After years of trial and error, here are my top tips for applying your mascara so well you'll look like you're wearing falsies...!

EEEK! Introducing My New Makeup Bag Collection With Sew Lomax

When I was first introduced to Sew Lomax a good six months ago, I instantly fell in love with the quirky designs and sense of fun that oozed out of their creations. All handmade and lovingly stitched by seamstresses, not mass produced on factory lines, every single makeup bag is unique - making them all the more desirable. I'm so excited to bring you the first look at a collection I've been working on for some time, bringing together the expertise of Sew Lomax and the Britishness of LBQ. This capsule collection includes a design I absolutely love (representing my love and passion for all things makeup and beauty,) in the colours of the Union Jack that have covered this site from its inception four years ago. Available in three different sizes that suit every need possible, there's something for everyone and every budget - the little one is only £12.00!

NEW: Charlotte Tilbury 'Matte Revolution' Lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury may be best known for being the magic hands behind Kate Moss' beauty looks, but she's also an extraordinary talent that knows how to make a lipstick. Her 'Matte Revolution' lipsticks have been hailed as the best thing to hit Selfridges in some time, taking a traditional bullet and injecting a serious amount of glamour. The rose gold vintage-inspired case may look like something out of Downton Abbey (unsurprisingly the period Charlotte loves the most,) but it's definitely hiding a modern interpretation of a classic. From the square tip which aids application, to the super lightweight texture that provides a delicate matte finish, there's so much to love about these bullets of wonder. They epitomise what I love about the turn of the twentieth century, while providing everything a modern woman wants from a lipstick.

NEW From Barry M: 'The Glitterati' Polish Collection

They may launch about 3000 nail polish every year, but boy to they know how to create something with 'wow' factor. Barry M have pulled out all the stops with this six-piece collection of glitter, shine and sparkle - landing just in time for the colder months when we need a little pick-me-up. Glitter topcoats can be a little annoying and time consuming to apply, but this mini collection includes a tinted base that allows you to create a statement look in one sweep. It would look equally as fab over a naked nail as it would a contrasting colour, the glitter being quite understated and subtle in comparison to the usual incarnations produced by the brand. The glitter pieces are incredibly small, featuring three different tones that catch the light and create a fab finish - it's no wonder these created a stir when I posted a picture on my Instagram page. Aptly named 'Glitterati', these six shades will keep you going all the way to Christmas and beyond.

Understanding Eczema: What It Is, Why It Happens & How You Can Deal With It

Before meeting my boyfriend, I had little to no understanding of eczema. The dry skin condition is highly individual, with symptoms varying from person to person, and effects one in twelve adults in the UK. Although it's more common in children and many people 'grow out' of the condition when they reach adulthood, it can be incredibly debilitating and have a huge impact on confidence. It's still little understood by the masses, with even suffers struggling to get to grips with the reasons behind their itchy and sore skin. After dealing with a chronic case of eczema and managing to get it under control over the course of a year, we wanted to share our knowledge and experience in the hope that it will help someone else. So here's the lowdown on eczema, its causes, how you can manage it and some of our tips that have helped completely turn it around.

Beauty Boxes: How They Work & Why We Should Be A Bit More Realistic

Since the birth of beauty boxes in the UK a number of years ago, the whole market has been filled with controversy and debate. Brands have launched to high praise and folded soon afterwards, one-off box collaborations have led to more long-term partnerships and overseas services have landed successfully on British soil to service a gap previously unmet. Although I've never been a huge fan of beauty boxes (other than Latest In Beauty's collaborations and the new My Little Box service which is just too cute not to love,) I do feel there's a real lack of understanding by customers, bloggers and beauty enthusiasts when it comes to their expectations. After being involved on both sides of the fence, here's my personal view on why we should take beauty boxes at face value and celebrate the service they offer - as well as finding the one that's right for us.

Three Current Favourites: Sweetie Flavoured Lip Balm

Some people have a weakness for pizza, others for triple bacon burgers in McDonalds - but mine, hands down, is a weakness for pick n mix. Give me a bag and ask me to fill it up with colourful bits n bobs and it's happy days. Subconsciously I seem to have been expanding on my obsession with pick n mix and been collecting items to fulfill my other obsession (lip balm) that has a subtle dusting of sugar. Without even realising I've integrated quite a lot of sugary sweet and sweetie-appropriate items into my lip collection, giving me a hit of something mid-afternoon when there's no bonbon in sight. Here are three of my favourite new additions that have been coming with me every day since they were accumulated, in the absence of fizzy cola bottles. 

Introducing The New Fragrance From Burberry: My Burberry

The latest scent from Burberry is possibly their best to date. With Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne fronting the campaign (wearing the iconic coat that's been adorned by everyone from fashionistas to soldiers for the last 100 years,) it's no surprise that it's causing quite the stir. The scent has been designed to capture the 'fragrance of a London garden after the rain,' and is inspired by the trench that Burberry have always been known for. Christopher Bailey comments: "My Burberry is the true embodiment of our brand, in scent, in design and in attitude. A fragrance that takes its lead from the iconic Burberry trench has to be outstanding in every way." The bottle reflects the design of the trench coat, while the horn-finish cap is inspired by the coat's buttons - it's definitely the details that make this a bottle worth treasuring.

Six Tips For Covering Pesky Dark Circles & Under-Eye Bags

If there was one thing I would take with me to a desert island, it would be a massive pair of sunglasses that covered my dark circles and sallow skin. Although I'm pretty confident in the rest of my complexion, those pesky dark areas residing under my peepers always give the game away. No matter what I do, how much water I drink or how many early nights I have, the delicate under-eye skin still makes me look knackered. Over the years I've learnt not only how to look after this delicate eye area, but how to effectively cover dull areas and give the impression that I've had the best night of kip ever. Here are my top tips on how to get rid of those pesky bags...

So You Wanna Be A Full Time Blogger? Here's What It's REALLY Like...

Much is said about the new generation of celebrities, internet stars and influencers that have changed the way we digest information. Ten years ago it was unfathomable that a girl writing about lipstick from her bedroom could turn that hobby into a serious income source, and potentially even a career. With the rapid downfall of magazines and traditional media has come the growth of digital media and blogs (or was it a direct result of?) simply because we like to feel connected to the person writing, vlogging or talking to us. We love to get recommendations from people we can relate to, who have had real life experiences that are similar to our own. Reality television has seeped into our daily lives, rather than just hitting us at 9pm on a Sunday, with millions of viewers across the globe tuning in to watch a random girl with great hair show us her Primark haul. The world is changing, and with that change comes the birth of a generation that is carving a career path that doesn't involve sitting in a drab office for eight hours a day.

NEW, Cute & Affordable: Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette

Sometimes the blogging and beauty world goes crazy for a launch, hyping it up so much that it sells out in every imaginable outlet and leads to waiting lists everywhere. When Urban Decay launched their original 'Naked' eyeshadow palette little did they know the craze that would follow, nor how much of a cult product it would become. A couple years later and there are endless extensions, re-inventions and spin-off products that are still bringing in the bacon, but none that have captured my attention in the way that this mini version has done. An alternative to the much bigger original palette, the 'basic' collection includes six wearable shades and is a much friendlier size - as well as carrying a much friendlier price point of £22.00.