A New Phase For B Skincare: Supercharged NEW Anti-Ageing Range

Skincare can be a complicated business. With millions of lotions, potions, serums and treatments promising to give you the skin you've always dreamt of, it's hard to cut through the noise and actually find out what will work for you. It's not only essential to understand your skin type and needs, but pay special attention to the specific ageing concerns that may be relevant to you as the years pass by. B. is a collection of premium skincare, created by industry experts to help women find the products that are right for them - clearing away any clutter and confusion, providing guidance and inspiration via key stages that relate to the needs of our skin in our 20's, 30's, 40's and now 50's. B. offers a premium experience at a mainstream price; all their products are packed with a high concentration of active ingredients to ensure great results without breaking the bank. This autumn B. launches its first ever complete new skincare phase, Skin Phase 4 B. Nourished, which is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 11% in just 8 weeks.*

Urban Decay 'On The Run' Makeup Kit: The Ultimate For Naked Fans

Sometimes I feel like I'm boring myself, continually singing the praises of Urban Decay and metaphorically shaking their hand on a job well done. They just keep launching bigger and better things, recognising the success of sub-brands and individual products in order to further capitalise on their success. There's no denying that Urban Decay's 'Naked' products have become somewhat iconic, spurning copycats and collections 'inspired' by their understated beauty; there's not a beauty enthusiast that doesn't lust after practically every single launch. Just in time for Christmas, this special limited edition palette contains all of my favourite Urban Decay products in a handy case that's perfect for weekend away or within hand luggage for those winter flights abroad.

NARS Audacious Lipstick (Plus Ten Minutes With Francois Nars)

"I have a real love affair with lipstick. It gives you more power." Francois Nars is the man behind the brand that's revolutionised the beauty industry in more ways than you can ever know. Now celebrating his 20th anniversary, Francois is commemorating with the launch of a 40-piece 'Audacious' lipstick collection which takes the iconic brand right back to its roots; he launched NARS way back in 1994 as a 12-piece lipstick offering, so it seems only fitting to celebrate such a milestone in homage to the product that started it all. The collection includes every colour imaginable, including delicate nudes, pinky tints, coral tones, bold reds, berry shades and some truly innovative cococtions that are incredibly difficult to categorise. Formulated to provide the most incredible pigment, variety of colour, longevity and comfort, NARS Audacious lipsticks offer lipstick addicts everything they could need and more.

Save Money With TopCashBack This Christmas (PLUS Win A Liberty London Advent Calendar Worth £149)

Christmas may be the time we willingly stuff ourselves silly with mince pies, Quality Street and warm mugs of mulled wine, but it can also be an incredibly stressful period that's filled with worry. It's not cheap filling the cupboards with treats, decorating the tree and shopping until your feet fall off - come January we all have a little festive guilt about spending too much on things we probably didn't need, having to make the first pay packet of the year last an extra long time. If you could get cash back for all your Christmas purchases and reduce that sinking feeling when the bank statement drops through your letterbox come January, it would be a logical thing to do right? Well help is at hand from TopCashback this festive season, the UK’s most generous cash-back site.

The New Beauty Essential: Introducing Zoeva Makeup Brushes

If we paid as much attention to our makeup tools as we do our makeup, then I'm sure we'd all look practically perfect every single day. Great tools are the foundation of any routine, as they really do mean the difference between a face full of makeup and a face that looks flawlessly finished. There are many makeup brushes that have touched down on my desk, but Zoeva are the first brand that had me drooling and stroking eyeshadow brushes like they were small pets. Their story is fabulous, hailing from Germany after their founder Zoe became frustrated at the high price tags associated with great quality tools - she started to produce her own using factories in the Far East, selling them on eBay before the demand just became too great. Six years later and Zoeva are a huge international brand that are just starting to gain recognition in the UK; the quality is amazing and the variety of over forty brushes ensures there's a tool for every single need.

Stop Sleeping In Your Makeup: Why It's Really Not A Good Idea

We've all done it - come in from a really long day or a big night out and fallen asleep without taking our makeup off. The introduction of face wipes was supposed to curb this trend and help women with their skincare routine in an easy and efficient way, but realistically they remove very little product and still leave our face covered in a day's worth of build-up. However, is sleeping in your makeup really that bad? What problems can a little bit of makeup really cause if left on while we slumber? You'll be surprised at how much damage (both short and long-term) that leaving your makeup on can do; even going to sleep without washing your face effectively on a non-makeup day can be detrimental and cause oodles of problems for your skin. Here are my key reasons why sleeping in your makeup is really not a good idea... It may make you think twice this weekend.

Sniffle, Cough, Bleugh. Five Products To Help You Out Of Your Sickbed!

When you're surrounded by tissues, your head is banging like the base of a hardcore beat and your chest is full of gunky green stuff, it's easy to slip underneath the duvet and wish away the day. Although a boxset of Gossip Girl and a box of biscuits may seem like the only way to make you feel better, there are lots of fab products and tricks you can use to ensure an easy route to recovery. Here are five of my must-have products to help you out of your sickbed and back into the busy streets of the city with a spring in your step.

HoHoHo: Fun & Quirky Christmas Nails From Elegant Touch

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on. With only a few weeks to go until the big day, the street lights have been turned on and shopping is already underway - as is the planning of glittery outfits for the impending party season. Every year Elegant Touch seem to come up with cuter and cuter ways in which beauty enthusiasts can capture the festive spirit, and this Christmas is no exception. This season there are a number of different designs to choose from, including the more understated 'jumper' influence right through to full-on reindeer nails; although I'm not a particular fan of falsies, these certainly make me question whether or not I could put up with the odd sensation in return for some festive cheer.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil: The Many Uses & Fab Benefits Of A Simple Product

Coconut oil is becoming increasingly popular in both food and beauty applications, due to increased research into its benefits over more commonly used oils (such as olive and sunflower.) The sweet smelling substance contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals - including Choline, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Iron, Stearic and Lauric Acid - which help to nourish the body both inside and out. Coconut Oil can be bought in most large supermarkets and health food shops, with coconut brand Vita Coco now launching their own version to capitalise on the success of their coconut water drinks. If you're making a purchase make sure you look for the words 'virgin', 'organic' or 'cold pressed' to ensure you're getting the best quality; non-virgin oil is refined through a process that removes most of its beneficial components, so it's not going to offer the nourishing properties you're after. While providing a sweet and nutty flavour to food, coconut oil also has a whole host of benefits for the body; for ideas on how to get the most from your virgin oil I've outlined a few key uses that may have you a little addicted to little tubs of sweet smelling white stuff.

Always Oversleeping? Ten Ways To Save Time Getting Ready In The Morning

Every time I hit the snooze button on my alarm, I know I'm gonna regret it half an hour later when I simply don't have enough time to do my hair. Although a few more minutes in bed may seem like a great idea at the time, they inevitably have a negative knock-on effect and leave us rushing out the door still attempting to apply mascara and pull up our tights. I'm not a morning person and I never have been, always struggling to get my backside out of bed and on with my day; however, I've managed to perfect the art of getting ready in minimal time thanks to time saving tricks and multi-tasking. Here are ten ways I save time in the morning while not scrimping on my beauty regime - and you never know, they could help you get a few more minutes in bed too. 

Five Surprising Things That Are Great For Your Hair

Looking after your barnet can be troublesome, time consuming and confusing. With so many products to choose from (all claiming to give us the hair of a Kardashian,) it's hard to understand what we should be looking out for and what will really help us in the follicle department. Although there are tonnes of volumising shampoos, miracle growth serums and treatments that claim to repair all the damage ever done by hair straighteners in only eight minutes, there are actually loads of surprising things that are great for our hair and much more accessible. All you have to do is open a cupboard, look in the fridge or take a step into your bathroom and your locks could be looking fabulous in no time. Here are my top five surprising things that are great for your hair.

Wrap Up For Winter: Clinique Deep Comfort Body Products

As the nights draw in, the mornings become colder and central heating plays havoc with our skin, it becomes more important than ever to look after ourselves. We all need to use slightly different products in the winter months, helping to replenish lost moisture and nourish extra dry skin that's caused by the hash winds. Although many moisturisers do the job effectively and can take us right through from January to December without a problem, sometimes it's nice to have something a little tougher that can really get to work on problematic areas. Clinique's Deep Comfort range of body products is fortified with Vitamin E to help protect against irritants, while the rich and creamy texture provides instant relief for even the driest of skins.

Five Brands You May Not Know About, But Definitely Need To

One of the best parts of my job as a beauty blogger is discovering brands, products and concepts that are unknown to most. With so many brands being so visible on our high streets, in our department stores and within much read magazines, it's sometimes hard to turn your attention to a product that's somewhat understated. Although hundreds of brands are launched every year, with most claiming to revolutionise your life or provide a magic formula that will wipe years off your face, very few are actually worth switching to or parting with hard earned cash for - however, I've found five that really are. You may not have ever heard of any of these brands, but all of them need a little space in your life... A space that you won't regret giving up.

Top Hairdressers: Five Great Places To Get Your Hair Done In London

One of the most hated beauty related tasks any woman has to undertake is a visit to the hairdresser. Although it's supposed to be enjoyable, relaxing and leave you feeling like a million bucks, that lingering appointment can cause beads of sweat and the feeling of dread. There's nothing worse than asking for a trim and coming out with a pixie crop, or requesting subtle highlights and the result being chunky bleached sections that wouldn't be out of place in 1992; it's so hard to find a hairdresser that you trust, that understands you and listens to requests while providing recommendations and input. However, over the last year I've managed to find five fab salons that I would return to without question for everything from a restyle to a quick blowdry - here are my top five picks of the best places to get your hair done in London.

Sweet As Candy: Introducing 'Flickable' Lipgloss

Lollipops may make you think of childhood parties, Britney Spears in her heyday and buying Chupa Chups from the corner shop, but there's no doubt they evoke a feeling of fun. Lollipops are a sure fire way to bring a smile to anybody's face, which is why they're so often used as rewards after painful injections or dentists appointments. Flickable lipglosses aim to offer that same sense of fun and mischief while ensuring glossy lips are sweet and kissable; their super cute lollipop packs are certainly unique and will definitely appeal to our inner child. Available in five different colours and 'flavours' (including Do You Pink I'm Sexy, Better Off Red and Toffee Talk,) the range isn't tacky and doesn't scream 'a great gift for a six year old.'

Glossybox Teams Up With Harvey Nichols For The Ultimate Beauty Box

In recent months beauty boxes have been under-delivering and repeatedly disappointing subscribers. The buzz around the concept and the level of anticipation before a monthly arrival has been replaced with discontent and the need for something more. Although concepts such as My Little Box are booming in the UK, the original beauty subscription services definitely need to give themselves a kick up the bum in order to satisfy their audience. The first step in the right direction is definitely Glossybox's partnership with iconic British department store Harvey Nichols... Launching online next week, the box includes some incredible brands and amazing products that won't disappoint when it lands on your doormat. With a value of over £150.00, the box is oozing with some of my favourite and most recommended beauty must-haves as well as some great new discoveries that will leave you wanting more.

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