Five Fab Uses For Nivea's In-Shower Moisturiser

We're all rushed for time in the mornings and inevitably end up forgetting something, be it brushing our hair, adding a touch of mascara or moisturising our skin. For that reason Nivea's In-Shower Moisturiser has been a staple of my routine ever since it hit stores over a year ago; it offers a super-quick solution to moisturising that minimises faff and allows me to make the most of those snoozy ten minutes in the shower. You simply add a touch onto wet skin, leave it for a few minutes to get to work and rinse away with water. The result is hydrated and smooth skin from the moment you step out of the shower, without the dreaded sticky feeling that so often accompanies morning moisturising routines. It's a bargain buy and simplifies your morning (although I do always ensure I use a traditional moisturiser in the evenings and at weekends,) but there are also many more uses for the little bottle of wonder: here are my top five!

Get Ready In Five Minutes (And Look Fabulous) With Clarins

If you're anything like me, you wake up and allow an hour to get ready but waste forty minutes making coffee and watching the telly. No matter how early I set my alarm, I always run out of time to perfect my makeup look and simultaneously ensure I'm wearing a super sleek outfit. Something always has to give. However, there is a way that you can look fabulous when you've only got five minutes to spare (because you were watching style tips on Lorraine) thanks to the great products from Clarins that bridge the gap between skincare and makeup. As a fan of multifunctional products, their repertoire offers a multitude of ways for me to look and feel great every morning without the need for twenty different items. Here are the products I'm currently using to take me from knackered to knock-out in under five minutes (and using only seven pieces.)

Yummy Cake Treats (For The Bath!) From Bomb Cosmetics

I always look forward to my weekly hour in the bath, surrounded by candles and with a book in hand. It's the one hour of the week I check out from the outside world and take a moment or two to relax. Soaking in only water can be a little bit dull, as well as a missed opportunity to add in a relaxing bath oil or soothing bath cream, so I've a vast collection of bath treats to make the hour a little more sweet. Although Lush have definitely cornered the bath bomb arena, Bomb Cosmetics are bringing tasty treats and yummy concoctions to make bathing a little sweeter. These super cute cakes aren't edible, but are in fact bath bombs that you can pop into the water - the smaller ones are perfect for a one-off soak, while the larger cakes can be used for up to three sessions.

Want An Awesome Instagram Account? The Top Five Shots To Share

The world is amazing, especially when you look at it through Instagram filters. The social network has become a huge part of our lives, amassing over 200 million users in three years - half the time it took Twitter to reach the same number! With 69% of users being between 18 and 44, and female, it's no surprise that certain images do much better than others. Instagram can be a great way of sharing your life, curating beautiful images that represent your passions, or simply showing a certain angle of your online presence. Especially great for bloggers showing off their outfits or nail art, scrolling through Instagram is a great way to spend ten minutes on the tube. Here are my top five Instagram shots to share to send you on your way to visual success... 

Christian Louboutin Beaute: The Shoe Genius Launches The Ultimate Polish

Over twenty years ago, a little known shoe designer named Christian Louboutin received the prototype of his first stiletto. The bright yellow shoe was inspired by the pop art movement and featured a giant statement flower on the buckle, but Christian still felt it was missing something. After looking over at his assistant (who was sat at her desk painting her nails,) he realised that something was a flash of red; after applying her polish to the sole of the shoe, the brand we know so well was born. Louboutin shoes are loved by women across the globe, so it's no surprise that the brand is expanding into beauty to celebrate the simple inspiration that started it all. "The red sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails, many years ago," Christian says. And so Christian Louboutin Beaute was established.

Clinique Launch 'Cheek Colour Balms' - Chubby Sticks For Cheeks

When Clinique launched their original Chubby Stick lip crayons, little did they know they were creating a makeup revolution. Chubby crayons are the favourite of many a beauty addict, being replicated by pretty much every brand going and turned into everything from eyeshadows to highlighters. It's been a long time coming, but finally Clinique have expanded their repertoire and developed a range of pretty awesome Cheek Colour Balms. Available in four colours, the crayons are creamy, oil-free and enable super easy application and a fuss-free finish.

LBQ's Top Tips: Do You Really Know How To Wash Your Hair?

There are certain things we just automatically presume we know how to do (such as brushing our teeth, combing our hair and taking a bath,) but have you ever wondered if your age old method is actually the best? Washing and conditioning our hair seems to be the simplest part of our routine and hard to get wrong, but you could be making some mistakes in the shower that have an impact on how your hair feels and looks when it's dried. Lathering up and slapping on a hair mask may keep your locks looking half decent, but refining your routine can really make a difference. So, do you really know how to wash and condition your hair?

Target Back & Shoulder Pain With My New Fave Thing: The Acupuncture Mat!

As someone that sits in an office chair looking at a computer screen for the majority of my days, it's no surprise that I suffer with lower back and shoulder pain. Although I'm lucky enough to experience regular massages and do my best to sit up straight, sometimes the discomfort needs a kick in the balls. This little acupuncture mat has helped me in more ways than one - and only cost a tenner! Find out what it does, how you use it and why it could be the answer to your discomfort.

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NEW From Bare Minerals: 5-in-1 BB Cream Eyeshadow & Base

The buzz word of the last five years has definitely been 'BB'. Oodles of products have been launched using the acronym, hoping to dupe customers into parting with cash in the search for a flawless complexion. However, for the first time in a long while there's a new category using the term which actually makes sense - BB for eyes. Bare Minerals are focusing more on their colour collections and liquid cosmetics, so it's no surprise they've launched an innovative line of eyeshadow creams that simultaneously smoothe and perfect the lid. Labeled the 'next generation of eyeshadow', the 5-in-1 formula provides a supercharged blend of makeup and skincare.

Looking Back: What I Wish I'd Known About Hair Care In My 20's

Looking back at the last ten years, I've made some incredible mistakes when it comes to my hair. The 90's weren't a great decade for style (scrunchies will never be stylish, no matter what Topshop says,) but they did introduce hair straightening irons and half decent hair dye. I experimented more than most, spending many an evening trying to style my hair into something that resembled Rachel from Friends, but with experimentation brought a lot of damage. Now I'm older (and hopefully wiser,) I know that I have to look after my hair because it's the only barnet I've got. Looking back, here's what I wish I'd known about hair care in my 20's.

Celebrate 'Indian Summer' With Yankee Candle's Delicious New Scents

Sitting on a balcony overlooking the ocean, cocktail in hand and the scent of summer in the air, you could be forgiven for thinking you're part of a movie. The beginning of dusk on a warm summer's day is the most romantic and comforting, away from the glare of the sweltering sun. I love the invigorating and welcoming scents of exotic holidays that capture my heart and leave me wanting more; with Yankee Candle's new 'Indian Summer' collection they bring those scents to your home, so you don't even have to leave to feel like you're experiencing a little holiday of your own. The four new scents include Wild Fig, Amber Moon, Ginger Dusk and Honey Glow, which combined bring about a beautiful aroma associated with the warm nights at the end of summer - just as the leaves are about to turn and the days become shorter.

Mythic Oil: Fabulous Hair Care With Sparkle & Shine

As someone with fine, coarse and curly hair, I'm always on the hunt for products that help tame without weighing down my strands. Unsurprisingly this isn't an easy feat, but with the L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil range I seem to have found a professional finish that's effective and yet still affordable. The Souffle D'Or shampoo and conditioner are infused with precious Argan & Safflower Oils, as well as golden shimmering sparkles that catch the light and help to create a healthy shine. Their gel like texture is incredibly lightweight and works to cleanse and condition hair without stripping it or weighing it down; the conditioner in particular offers an unusual texture that is perfect for fine hair that still needs a little care and attention. Although these are definitely current favourites, the styling products are possibly a must-have for everyone wanting silky smooth locks.

Train Makeup: The Best Products To Apply On The Go

Following my post discussing applying makeup on public transport, it seems that 75% of you are guilty of doing it yourselves and 99% don't see a problem with it at all. It saves time, gives you a few minutes more in bed and ensures you're looking fresh by the time you get to the office! At the request of many who embrace 'train makeup', I've put together an edit of the products I think would be best suited to a crammed and rickety carriage - there's no need for brushes, no messy containers or palettes to navigate, just simple to use products that can be applied straight from the packaging and blended where necessary with your finger. The key is to keep everything self-contained, small enough to slip into your bag and involve as few runny formulas as possible; all you need to do is ensure you apply your foundation or base before you leave and add a touch of mascara to finish! Here are six products perfect for applying on the go...

Current Haircare Favourites (Including Some Fab Budget Buys)

There's definitely something in the water at the moment, because there are simply so many awesome hair products landing on my desk. Hair styling is often perceived as quite a dull area of beauty, with lack of innovation often the root cause. However, in the last few months there has been a burst of fabulousness with brands such as V05, Aveda, L'Oreal, Tresemme and Dr Organic launching products that have rocked my world. Here are my current favourite haircare products and why I'm loving them lots.

A Professional Approach: Makeup Revolution Concealer Palette

If you've ever seen professional makeup artists at work, then you'll know that the secret to their success comes in the form of a palette filled with as many skin-tone matching shades of concealer as possible. Although we're used to using one of three or four shades available on the high street, there never going to be a perfect match when we only have a couple to choose from. Makeup Revolution are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, launching fab products that are incredibly affordable. Their concealer palettes are available in three colour combinations (light, medium and dark) and each feature eight individual shades - all for the measly cost of £6.00.

NEW From Bobbi Brown: 'Surf & Sand' Summer Eyeshadow Palette

I'm so ready to hit the beach, sip on a cocktail and let my mind rest up for an hour or two. That desire isn't helped when products like Bobbi Brown's Surf & Sand eyeshadow palette land on my doorstep, all lovely and summery and full of exotic-sea-like-shimmers. Part of their new collection and collaboration with swimwear model Kate Upton, this eight colour palette features neutral shades and delicate pastel tones that would work beautifully on any complexion. Unlike a lot of summery palettes that focus on bold shades or bright hues, the tones within this collection are incredibly understated and a lot more wearable; they also feature a really delicate shimmer that catches the light and provides that feeling of the powerful midday sun hitting the sea.